Water and sport

An essential gesture, stay hydrated
When practicing a sporting activity, the body must maintain a body temperature close to normal. Sweating then acts as a natural cooling system for the body. Thus, the water lost in the form of sweat must be compensated for by regular water intake. Hydration is therefore the key to any good sport practice to avoid the risk of dehydration, the appearance of injuries, tendonitis, or cramps. To stay at an optimal level of hydration, you should drink before, during and after exercise.

The composition of sweat in mg / liter:

  • potassium 300
  • calcium 160
  • magnesium 36
  • zinc 1,2
  • iron 1,2
  • manganese 0.06
  • vitamin C 50

Did you know ?

2% lack of water in the body can reduce physical abilities by 20%
Depending on the intensity of physical activity, the body loses on average 1l of water per hour of training

Calcium promotes muscle contraction and strong bones
Sodium fights cramps
Baking soda prevents feelings of bloating during and after exercise
Rehydration after exercise

Good recovery requires appropriate rehydration. It is therefore necessary to adjust your water intake according to the intensity of the efforts made to compensate not only for the loss of water, but also the loss of minerals, such as sodium, bicarbonates, calcium or magnesium. All waters (mineral, sparkling, spring) are good for athletes after physical exertion as long as they drink enough. This promotes the elimination of acidic wastes generated by the muscles and helps replenish water loss.

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