The benefits of mineral water

Natural mineral water is characterized by its original purity and its perfectly stable composition guaranteed in minerals. It is in fact the only water to be able to benefit from properties favorable to health, recognized by the Academy of Medicine.

Of underground origin, natural mineral water comes from a single source preserved from all human pollution. It is captured in depth and does not undergo any disinfection treatment, so it is perfectly pure.

Its unique and constant minerality, acquired over the years of slow filtration through the rocks crossed, reflects the terroir from which it comes. Each mineral water has a specific composition which gives it a unique identity and taste.

The label always indicates the mineral composition of the water, which allows the consumer to make his choice according to his tastes and needs.

Thus, “calcium” mineral waters (more than 150 mg / liter of calcium) or magnesium (more than 50 mg / liter of magnesium) can allow those who wish to supplement a diet that is often insufficient in these minerals.

Bicarbonate mineral waters (bicarbonate content greater than 600 mg / liter) contribute to better digestion.

In addition, natural mineral waters which contain sodium (more than 200 mg / liter) are particularly recommended for athletes performing intense and prolonged efforts.

Weakly mineralized water is particularly recommended for feeding infants.

Finally, natural mineral waters contain various trace elements (silica, fluorine, zinc, copper) which participate in the proper functioning of the body.

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