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Quality at Eau Technologie Environnement: 

It doesn’t matter what you call water – spring water, mineral water, etc. The important thing is that it is natural mineral water of good quality.
FIFA Ste Luce is as pure and fresh as its name implies. It is also systematically analysed and monitored by highly qualified and competent laboratories. With this water you can quench your thirst without qualms about your health.

Our label is your only guarantee.
Nobody else can offer you such purity and so much satisfaction.
For more than 10 years Eau Technologie Environnement Company has directly or indirectly met the domestic, industrial and medicinal needs for water throughout the sub-region.
We can't offer you either more or less than this: drink all the FIFA Ste Luce you want or need. It will provide you 100% pleasure without any chemical products.

The best drink for all of us !
Your body will be grateful for all the benefits it will accrue.




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