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Who are we

Eau Technologie Environnement comes to existence through a wish. A Wish to be present in the market in order to respond to the needs of both community and industrial businesses / enterprises.  It is also a civic  enterprise, certified  ISO – 9001 version 2008.

Eau Technologie Environnement has a total of 62 employees.


Our Goals

  • Respond to the needs of well-situated partners
  • Make as much use of local resources as possible 
  • Offer quality and prices that correspond to the economic and social environment of potential user populations


Domains of our Activities

Potable water: from bore holes, pumping  facilities, treatment, distribution 

Production and marketing of water and soft drinks

Industrial water: Softening, demineralization by resins exchanging ions, inverse osmosis, electro dialysis reversible 

Bathing water: swimming Pool

Residual water: Cleaning lagoons / marshes, filtering-percolating, physi-chemical treatment, biological treatment. 





c’est aussi une entreprise citoyenne certifiée ISO-9001version 2008
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