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Quality policy

Water Technology Environment (ETE) is the first company in Benin to produce natural mineral water. This water is suitable for people of all ages and can be consumed without moderation. ETE also produces soft drinks.

Our ambition is to be the uncontested leader in the production and marketing of natural mineral water and soft drinks in Benin, in the sub-region, and, why not, the whole of Africa.

For greater credibility and visibility, the Director General’s office will continue to:

  • Provide a framework that will incorporate all employees;
  • Listen at all times to our clients and/or our partners;
  • Do everything possible to meet the present requirements of our clients and anticipate their future expectations;
  • Regularly improve the performance of our production and the marketing of our products through an effective system of analysis of all components;
  • On a permanent basis, establish and review the goals of each step in the Quality Control system:
  • Maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with our distributors.

ETE is dedicated to meeting the demands of clients and respecting all regulatory and legal requirements. Thus ETE will communicate information on its Quality Control system as widely as possible. On an annual basis, the Director General’s office will review the entire Quality Control system and the related communication policy.

Cotonou, March 31, 2010
The Director General







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