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A Bit of History

The word FIFA means Peace, Freshness, in Fongbé, a language spoken every day in the South of Benin (West Africa).

Eau Technologie Environnement is a company with plant facilities of 4,615 m2 at Tori-Bossito, 40 kilometers from Cotonou. The General office is at Menontin (Cotonou)

Key Dates

1995: Launch of the Eau Technologie Environnement (E.T.E) Company
2002: Opening of the bottling factory for FIFA Ste Luce in Tori-Bossito. Inauguration of factory at Tori-Bossito
2007: Extension of the factory to diversify and increase production capacity, assisted by capital from the Cowry Management Agency
2008: Production and marketing of FIFA Sparkling Water.
2009: Marketing of FIFA water in small plastic bags.
2010: Marketing of soft drinks
2012: Certification ISO 9001/2008
2012: Beninese prize for excellence in quality
2012: UEMOA prize for quality
2015: UEMOA prize for quality



Why FIFA Ste Luce?

buveurFIFA Ste Luce is as pure and fresh as its name. It is analysed and monitored by highly qualified and competent laboratories. With every glass of FIFA de Saint Luce you will experience abundant pleasure. To ensure your well-being, the quality of FIFA Ste Luce is monitored on a daily basis.

Bottle production unit

Plant facility

Eau Technologie Environnement

Phone: (229) 21 38 52 84 - 21 38 28 62 
Fax: (229) 21 38 28 06
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